There is a great local lacrosse store in Union Deposit called LACROSSE PLUS

They will be happy to help you with any questions/equipment needs.

Other local options are DICKS SPORTING GOODS and ASC LACROSSE

Stick, Helmet, Gloves, Shoulder Pads, Elbow Pads, and Gloves

- We recommend you first purchase a stick and then your own helmet. After that pieces can be added individually.

- There are some good deals on starter kits where you can get everything in one package. Google "Lacrosse Starter Kits" for all options. One option can be found here: LACROSSE UNLIMITED

SPORTSTOP.COM has great options as well.


This page is linked to videos and forms to explain and help you learn and practice the basic skills of lacrosse


Fundamentals of Throwing and Catching Video Link

Wall Ball Explained Video Link

High School Players Wall Ball Routine

Throwing and catching is one of, if not the, most important skills for all players at all levels. The above video details the proper fundamentals of throwing catching. In order to practice you can throw and catch with a friend/teammate, a parent with a baseball mit, or use a wall/bounce back. The Wall Ball Video link and High School Wall Ball Routine form will help you get started and develop your own routine. Playing wall ball on a regular basis is a key component for all players continued development.


How to Cradle a Lacrosse Ball Video Link

Cradling Techniques Video Link

Cradling/Stickhandling skills allow a player to control the ball in their stick while running down field or dodging an opponent. This can be done with both hands or one hand. As players develop their dominant hand cradle with two hands and one hand they should begin working on their off or weak handed one and two handed cradles.

The videos linked above detail the proper fundamentals of cradling. This is something you can practice while throwing and catching or on your own in the backyard. Work in 5-10 cradles between throws as an easy way to improve the cradling skill while working on throwing and catching.


How to Shoot A Lacrosse Ball Video Link

Proper shooting technique is important to shot velocity and accuracy. When players are first beginning hooting is essentially passing or throwing the ball in the net. As you progress you will want to practice the specific fundamentals of shooting. Similar to other sports (basketball, soccer, hockey, etc.) the technique for shooting and passing are different.

To practice shooting make sure you have a goal and nothing behind it or to the sides that could get damaged. You can practice with tennis balls as well. 


How to Pickup a Ground Ball Video Link

How to Handle Ground Balls in Traffic Video Link

Ground balls win games and earn players time on the field at all levels. Being able to properly scoop the ball of the grass/turf is an important skill for all levels.

This skill can be practiced by placing the ball on the ground 5-10 yards in front of you. Scooping it up quickly and then rolling it out again.